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The story behind the name: Yachad (Yah-cod), derived from the hebrew language, meaning "in unity", was chosen by our church community in Selmer, TN to encompass multiple businesses; hence the name was picked to depict the umbrella of unity over each individual business all functioning under one church and its members. Yachad Window Films has been in business throughout the last 20 years and is now owned by Paul Hobbs and Quinn Pennington, both family of the church now living in Memphis. 

We take pride in continuing the high level of dedication and service that Yachad has shown to its customers over the past 20 years. We strive to show each customer that genuine respect and care coupled with the highest quality window film in the industry and a professional installation is what makes Yachad great. For the most part, it's the two of us that run this company; from the logistics, to handling each client personally, to doing the installations ourselves. We take pride in offering the highest quality window film on the market, Huper Optik.

In 2015 we added on graphics installations of all types since we both had previous experience in this field. We are capable of handling many of your branding installation needs like decorative vinyl, wall murals, brand logo displays and imagery, acrylic signage, and much more. With a combined experience of 20 years in the film and graphics industry along with a christian lifestyle we would love the opportunity to win your business and your friendship.     


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